Links to Other Ministries

International Kairos Outside A ministry for the significant others of persons who are incarcerated. These people are the wives, sisters, mothers etc. of men who are in prison. This ministry reaches out to those who we frequently forget about, but who are also suffering, sometimes just as much as those who are "inside".
Bread of Life Walk to Emmaus The Walk to Emmaus is a Fourth Day Movement just like Kairos. The Bread of Life Emmaus is a Kansas Local Chapter. (Based on the scripture in Luke 24:13-25).
Cross Winds Chrysalis CHRYSALIS is a three-day spiritual renewal retreat that provides participants an opportunity to learn more about faith, to experience Christian love and support, and a chance to make new commitments in their faith jouney. The content of the three days focuses on God's grace, how one experiences Christ as friend in the body of Christ, and how one is called into discipleship, giving love to a needful world.
Cursillo of Wichita The Wichita chapter of Catholic Cursillo Movement. Cursillo is the parent of the other Fourth Day movements.
Kairos Torch Kairos Torch is a ministry for youth that are incarcerated. The Kansas Kairos Torch ministry is based in Topeka.