Note: The KPMI Facebook page is intended for the general public, not volunteers.  Its link is at the bottom of this website, in the dark blue area.

Facebook closed group for Kairos volunteers

The official Kairos Prison Ministry International Facebook group, designed for Kairos volunteers, guests, and those interested in Kairos Prison Ministry.  Its purpose is to help members gather, socialize, and share information about their Kairos experience.

Facebook closed group for Hutchinson Kairos Inside

This group is designed for those who serve the Hutchinson, Kansas, Kairos Inside program at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility.

Facebook closed group for Kansas Kairos Outside

This group is designed for those who serve the Kansas Kairos Outside program, sharing upcoming events and information.

Facebook page for Topeka Kairos Torch

This page gives information about the Topeka, Kansas, Kairos Torch program at the Juvenile Correctional Complex in Topeka.