Ordering Kairos Supplies

To order Kairos supplies, follow the instructions at Kairos International Supply Ordering. You may order by phone, email, regular mail, or FAX.

Paying Kairos Expenses

Expense Reimbursement

To be reimbursed for an expense that you or someone else incurred directly for the ministry, or to document the cost of items donated to the ministry, use one of these forms.

These PDF forms must be printed, filled out by hand, and mailed in.
 Check Request for Weekend and Post Weekend Expenses
 Check Request for Fundraising and Recruitment Expenses
 Check Request for Administrative Expenses

This XLSX form has pages for each expense category; it may be completed on your computer and emailed.
Check Request

Cash Advance

To request a cash advance, use this form.

Request for Cash Advance

You may use the optional cash advance worksheet to track expenses.

Cash Advance Worksheet

Mail all approved forms to

Kairos of Kansas State Financial Secretary
PO Box 488
Maize, KS 67101