Kairos has three core programs: Kairos Inside for incarcerated individuals, Kairos Outside for adult women impacted by incarceration, and Kairos Torch for incarcerated youth. Kansas has one Kairos Inside program for men and one for women, a Kairos Outside program, and one Kairos Torch program.

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Kairos Inside works with incarcerated individuals. It is composed of well-organized and well-trained volunteer teams of men and women who present an introductory 3-day Weekend, described as a short course in Christianity. This inter-denominational team of volunteers — both clergy and laypersons — works in cooperation with the chaplain, who carefully selects up to 42 inmate leaders to attend. Well organized follow-up is part of this program. For more information see Kairos Inside.

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Kairos Outside is a special weekend retreat for women who have a relative or friend who is or has been incarcerated, or who have been incarcerated themselves. These women are shown Christ’s love and treated as Guests of Kairos Outside. A woman does not need to be a Christian to attend. Kairos Outside Weekends are drug, alcohol, and fragrance free. Transportation is available, and there is no cost to attend. For more information see Kairos Outside.

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Kairos Torch offers unconditional love and acceptance, encouraging young men and women to share their life journey through participation in a long-term mentoring process. The program begins with a weekend retreat inside the prison. Kairos Torch team members commit to a weekly mentoring process with the youthful offenders for six months after the Weekend. For more information see Kairos Torch.